Feeding Milestones


A milestone for children 9-12 months of age would be the Pincer Grasp, what is a pincer grasp? The Pincer grasp is where a child pinches food or an object with their thumb and index finger. At this point your child is on their way to being a pro at self-feeding woo hoo! A few ways you can help your child develop this fine motor skill is with an EZPZ mat, which we carry in store and online! This mat can help your child develop this fine motor skill while using it while they eat, or using it to play. Here are few fun ideas you and your mini can do with this mat to help develop that skill: 
  • Clothes Pins or Clips - Pin some clips or clothes pins around the top of the mat and have you little pull them off by pinching them using their pincer grasp. 
  • Play Dough - Place play dough on the mat with straws or toys buried in the play dough and have your child pull them out with the pincer grasp. 
  • Pom-Pom Transfer - Have your child grasp the pom-poms using their pincer grasp and have them place it on a different part of the mat.

Some fun ideas to try food wise are: 

  • Separating Different Puffs - Using different flavored/colored puffs or different cereals, have your child separate the different cereals using their pincer grasp into the different sections provided on the mat. 
  • String Cheerios - Tape a piece of string to your mat and have your little string the cheerios on to the string with their pincer grasp to make a edible necklace or just to develop skills. Just keep an eye on your little so they don't eat the string. 

And those are just a few fun ways you can help your little develop this skill using these super cool mats!



July 28th, by Victoria McCurry

July 28, 2018 by Victoria McCurry