Eco-Friendly B2S Essentials!

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. I can hear the song in my head as I type that. I'm all about helping the economy and looking stylish while doing it, so how great is it that we carry brands that are all about saving the economy, look great, and are perfect for back to school? Pretty great if you ask me.

One of the brands I am talking about is Parkland, they make backpacks and other bags that are made out of water bottles. How cool is that? These backpacks are a must for your little, the exterior is made from the recycled water bottles making the backpack durable and practical for school and come in a bunch of fun colors!  Not only do we have these back packs but we also have lunch pails, and pencil cases.

Another brand we carry that is eco-friendly is Native Shoes, certified by PETA as an approved vegan brand. They keep their designs light, simple, and minimal comprised of mainly EVA molded shoes. Which means they're made from foam instead of rubber. These cute eco-friendly shoes are perfect for when school starts, shock absorbent, odor resistant for those stinky feet, hand washable, and come in fun colors too perfect for those busy fun back to school days! Stop in check out these amazing brands! 



August 21, 2018 by Victoria McCurry